Arizona Mesh The President's Corner

November / December 2021 President’s Corner: As 2021 starts to draw to an end, for those of you have not already heard, it is with a heavy heart that the Officer’s and Board have to announce that one of our key founding members passed away several weeks ago. Dale (N7QJK) was an integral part of the Arizona Mesh Organization, as well as our sister club, The Superstition ARC. The most noticeable thing to those of you who visit this website regularly is that with Dale’s passing, the website and several of the key and most liked features on it have been out of date for several weeks now. I am going to ask for some indulgence as well as help as I, at least temporarily am taking over updating the website. Dale had many years of working on and designing websites, while I have barely touched HTML in over a decade – so you may see a few glitches from time to time. Some good news, I spent several hours on the phone on Saturday November 20th, working with Eric KG6WXC – the author of the mapping software – to get the mapping software back up and running – and for the most part it is working fine (we are still working on a few kinks – so bear with us). Where I am asking for everyone’s help – if you see something that is incorrect, wrong, or just looks off, please email me at and tell me where the error is, and I will get on it just as quickly as possible. The Officer’s and Board have been diligently working on expanding and improving the network connections for everyone, this can be a frustratingly slow process, between COVID restrictions, and now supply chain problems – our expansion and improvement plans have not progressed as quickly as we had all hoped. One of our stated goals for 2021 was that we were working to ensure that everyone had an “Excellent” over air connection to the network, this may have been a tad ambitious, going forward for the next couple of months, we are going to be more focused – looking into how we can improve one node at a time. We are starting with installing several relay sites – over time and with a little luck, this should improve everyone’s connections, as well as further stabilizing the network. Finally, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season, and would also like to encourage everyone to drop me an email – How Can I make this club better? I would love to hear from you. Thanks: Michael J. Bailey (KI7LXY) Arizona Mesh Organization Club President